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Christmas Matinee | 2020

The concept of the program is subordinated to Christmas fantasies in music and dance.

With the magic of the world classic, we will give viewers the opportunity to dream and feel the holiday spirit, regardless of the different situation in the world this year.

We bet on fun and relaxed communication between orchestra players, soloists and choral performers, as well as masterful ballet performances.On the festive Christmas morning, we offer the audience an impressive concert containing the best works suitable for Christmas, united by the theme of fantasies and dreams.

Коледно матине 2020 - "Коледна фантазия"
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Soloists Edelina Kaneva and Orlin Goranov, conductor Viktor Krumov, the orchestra, choir and ballet of the Stara Zagora State Opera.

Broadcast for Bulgarian National Television.

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