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What's Happening In Sofia - podcast | 2023

The "What's Happening in Sofia" podcast is a project of the "Izberi Bulgaria" association in partnership with the New Bulgarian University and the Vitosha region. Students from NBU participate in the selection of questions from citizens who are members of neighborhood groups on social networks. The topics that interest people are asked to members of the municipal council, regional mayors, deputy mayors and concrete answers are sought. After the podcast episodes are published, people's questions often continue. Together with the NBU students, the team continues to demand answers and publishes them as a continuation of the conversation.

"Какво става в София", епизод 5 - арх. Здравко Здравков
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The goal is for the podcast to be informative and useful, and through questions and answers to reach the solution of pressing problems.

The podcast team sets itself the important task of being an effective communicator between people and institutions. The project is financed by the Europe 2022 Program of Sofia Municipality.

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